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If you were a salesperson tasked to shift the new Mazda 3, what would your elevator pitch be to prospective customers? It’s a question that the bosses at Mazda have attempted to answer with the 4/5. Мне кажется заправляться надо м, все таки nolazhe.твойсвай.рф побольше да и бензин почище(очистка лучше, чем 92 или 95). Ну почему не пригодится. Далеко ли можно уехать на баке польского бензина? Не канистры же с собой брать!

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If you were a salesperson tasked to shift the new Mazda 3 , what would your elevator pitch be to prospective customers? It arrives at a time when competition moves on at a relentless pace.

Just ask Alfa Romeo , which struggled to achieve much the same objective with its Giulietta.

The 3 moves the game on for Mazda. The interior design has a delicate minimalism to it, with a slender dashboard broken up by attractive creases that run its full length and flow into the doors.

The main interfaces are an intuitive rotary controller and voice control. The driving position is excellent, the redesigned seats are first-rate and the weighting of the pedals and steering is consistent.

The downside is that over-the-shoulder visibility is pretty poor, because of the wide C-pillar and shallow rear windows.

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There are no claims made for class-leading interior space. In the back seats, adults approaching six feet tall will find their head rubs that sloping roof; high-backed booster seats are likely to be a squeeze; and the boot has lost a little capacity, now holding litres.

Just as the exterior looks stylish and the interior has a premium feel, the way the 3 goes down a road feels much more grown up. Key to this behaviour is a new, stiffer platform, that has a longer wheelbase and wider front and rear track. It uses torsion beam rear suspension, MacPherson struts and rack-and-pinion steering.

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And boy, does it all gel together nicely. Around the craggy surroundings of West Los Angeles, the 3 rode rippled and cracked roads impressively. Out of the city surroundings and onto the concrete freeway, noise levels were subdued and the smooth ride continued to impress.

The benefits of the softer rubber are myriad: as well as taking the edge off the ride comfort, it gives a better contact patch when cornering and braking.

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The clutch, throttle and gear change work with a nice harmony to their weighting. Working the 3 hard through the twists and turns, it remains level, never gets upset over lumps or dips and spreads the load evenly between the front and rear axles.

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In the UK, customers will be able to choose from a 2. The bhp, Ib ft engine is able to switch from compression ignition, which is ideal for day-to-day driving, to a form of spark ignition, generally when the engine is started from cold or the driver demands maximum power at high revs.

Mazda 3 review

But the cost of the technology means it will be priced as a flagship model. Back to today, the 2.

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  • Finally, then, the 3 feels as though it has a reason to exist. This is more than just a numbers car for fleet drivers.

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    How does the Mazda 3 perform on the road? Continue to Prices and specs.

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