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Find A Resource Document On This Site --> Empty tab. Edit page to add content here. Licensed Child Care Forms & Resources Central Background Registry Statem. Okhotny Ryad Metro Station: 2, properties found Map View Our Top Picks Price (lowest first) Stars stars [5 to 1] stars [1 to 5] Star rating and price Distance from landmark Top Reviewed Tip: Open the map to find your perfect place to stay near Okhotny Ryad Metro Station Browse the results for Okhotny Ryad Metro Station. Opens in new window: Apartment GMApartments Tverskaya, 15 Opens in new. This property might pay nolazhe.твойсвай.рф a little more to be in this Program. Presnensky, Moscow – Show on map ( miles from Fili Metro Station) Well situated in the Presnensky district of Moscow, Blakit is located 6 miles from State Historical Museum, 5 miles from Gorky Park and 7 .  · "The Bible, Rocks and Time is a thoughtful book by Christian scientists for anyone interested in reconciling Genesis and geology. Planet Earth and life on our planet have long, complex and deeply interesting histories written in rocks and fossils that will never go away. Они оказались в одном классе почти случайно, однако практика показывает, что если дать детям стабильность и свободу, можно получить то, что называется .

The consensus regarding the age of the Earth, based on the best geological evidence, is that it is billions of years old. But many Christians believe that the Bible teaches the Earth is only a few thousand years old at best.

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What are we to make of this discrepancy? Geologists Davis Young and Ralph Stearley tackle this issue head-on. It is fair-minded, it is sincere, it is informative, and above all else it is fun to read. The book represents a most welcome change, an authoritative and well-documented major work combining solid science and religious history to stand in sharp contrast against the vast religio-scientific literature by those with little sophistication about either or both.

Geological Evidence for the Age of the Earth

Planet Earth and life on our planet have long, complex and deeply interesting histories written in rocks and fossils that will never go away. Here professors Davis A. Young and Ralph F. Stearley lead us through a timely and constructive synthesis of religion and science.

Professors Young and Stearley have shown us why the geological evidence for the age of the Earth is persuasive.

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  • Their love for the Bible and for the world that God made, their commitment to a biblical worldview, and their patient explanations of scientific principles are exemplary, as is their respect for those Christians with whom they disagree. Thank you, Professors, for writing such a helpful book, which I will be glad to have people read.

    Its challenge to young-Earth creationism is daunting--not only scientific but biblical, theological, philosophical and apologetical as well. It is the best book I know on this topic. Every church library, Christian high school and college, seminary and bookstore should have this volume available as an essential reference.

    It will be especially useful in communicating with evangelical Christians.

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  • One should not be intimidated by its page length. One geologist says: "Every church librarian should have this volume available as an essential reference. I highly recommend this book for any young earth creationist who is open to encountering an opposing viewpoint. I also recommend it for anyone who is unsure what to think about matters of science and creationism and wants more information.

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    I heartily recommend this book -- all pages of it! While all geologists should read this book to learn more about the history of their field, it would be especially valuable for Christian school and seminary libraries as well as university libraries with history of science and religious studies departments. They have put together a nice and readable presentation of the geological evidence for the age of the earth.

    This book is an excellent resource for and Pastor and any Christian struggling with the issue. I recommend [parts 1 and 2] to everyone interested in the debate and how we got to the current position, especially Pastors and church leaders.

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    Suggestion: an adult Sunday school class at your church, using this book as a text. Invite professors from local colleges for some of the sessions. Yes, you will be asking people to read pages.

    About geology. And at the end, they will agree it was time exceedingly well spent. Rather, their wish is to provide a thorough assessment of the available evidence, evaluate young-Earth creationism, and encourage those who hold an Evangelical faith with a paradigm for holding the two worlds together.

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    Investigation of the Earth in the Seventeenth Century 3. The Emergence of Modern Geology 4. The Nature and Nurture of the Stratigraphic Record 9. Fossil Graveyards: A Rumble in the Jumble? Radiometric Dating: Part One Uniformitarianism, Catastrophism and Empiricism Davis A. Ralph F. Stearley PhD, University of Michigan is professor of geology and chairman of the department of geology, geography, and environmental studies at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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    His current research interests include the history of paleontology and stratigraphy and Christian reactions to evolutionary thought. IVP Academic.

    About Our Authors. Special Offers. IVP Book Club.

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  • The Bible, Rocks and Time. Is the Earth relatively young or very old?

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    Michael Ruse, Lucyle T. Donald U. Philip D. Gingerich, professor of geology and paleontology, University of Michigan. John W. Cooper, Ph. James F.

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    McGrath, Exploring Our Matrix exploringourmatrix. Peter Enns, a time to tear down peterennsonline. BY Davis A. BY Ralph F.

    Booksellers International Translations Permissions Libraries. The Bible, Rocks and Time paperback.